Frequently Asked Questions

What is shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky pale-brown to a blackish-brown natural and most potent substance that is oozing from the layers rocks in high altitude mountain range. It considers one of the most effective supplements that have far-reaching physical and mental, overall health benefits.

It flows in the hot temperature in summer when the high altitude mountain gets warms. Shilajit contains the complex mixture of organic substance, plants masses, and microbial metabolites which are happening in the rock rhizospheres of their natural habitat.

Shilajit has been using as a rejuvenator & adaptogen for years as an ancient and traditional medicine in different parts of the world. read more

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Yes, there are different types of shilajit. The potency and purity depend upon the altitude and location from where shilajit is collecting, purification techniques, and the quality of shilajit.

Only a few people are aware that there are four different qualities of the shilajit. The highest grade of shilajit considers having all the related properties one read about.

After purification of any grades of shilajit, the result will be a brown to the blackish tar-like resin. To select the highest grade, you must first examine the color and type of the shilajit rock before it purified.

The most potent shilajit comes from the high altitude mountain ranges such as Himalayas, Gilgit Baltistan, approximately 16000 to 18000 feet.

We also collect shilajit from the highest altitude of the mountain range of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Most vendors don’t mention where they collect and source the shilajit or what type of grade it is.

But we travel to the source of shilajit and collect the most potent Shilajit at the very highest level of altitude. We personally received and purified the shilajit rocks by the sun drying method and produce the purest shilajit in Pakistan. check the list of shilajit types

How does shilajit works?

Same like any health supplement, the body utilizes the trace minerals and nutrients in shilajit to repair, restore, and rejuvenate your body, offer more energy and enormous health benefits. check how to use shilajit

How to take shilajit?

You can dissolve shilajit is hot, non-chlorinated water, milk, tea, or any drink and can consume it. It is better to start taking shilajit very little a size of rice or pea, one to three-times daily, and then slowly increase the dosage for more energy and health benefits.

You can also use it with ghee, or dissolve in hot organic milk, or can take in raw form, etc. read more

Is it safe to use shilajit?

Yes, it is safe. Shilajit has been using for so many years in traditional ancient medicine. We offer 100% genuine and pure shilajit that preserve all beneficial minerals and other natural substance that improve your overall health.

Does it have side effects?

There are no severe side effects of using shilajit. However, shilajit is high in iron and might good if you have critical heart issues. You can read our article about the possible side effects of the shilajit.

Is shilajit is useful for health?

Yes, it is one of the most effective natural supplements that packed with more than 85 minerals, plant masses, humic and fulvic acid, and many more beneficial substances.

Who should use shilajit?

Everyone can take shilajit. Both men and women with low libido are greatly encouraged to use shilajit as a natural and most potent libido enhancer.

What are the shilajit benefits?

Shilajit has enormous health benefits, some of the essential benefits are; antioxidant, immune system booster, enhance cognitive and brain functions, improve sexual health, regulate blood sugar level, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. You can read our full article about the benefits of shilajit. 15 amazing benefits of shilajit

How much should you take?

It is highly recommended to start with a small amount of shilajit equal to rice or pea and then slowly increase the amount and can use the shilajit up to 350 mg to 500mg. Check the complete guide for the usage of shilajit

Where does shilajit come from?

The pure and genuine shilajit collected from the high altitude mountain range, such as the Himalayan range, also from Gilgit Baltistan Mountain. It is a very rare substance, which is occurring naturally, nutritious plants and geological elements that are extracted from a rock formation. read more

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