How to eat shilajit – finding the right dosage of shilajit

how to eat shilajit

Knowing how to eat shilajit is a bit complicated when it comes to getting maximum health benefits. At the start, you must take a minimal amount, less than a size of rice grain.

If you are consuming the purest form of Shilajit, it might not be harmful at all, but taking the right amount is very necessary to utilize the maximum health benefit, that’s why it is very important to know how to take the right amount of shilajit.

You might be wondering how to use this potent natural substance; this article will help you to understand consuming the proper ways of eating shilajit.

How to eat shilajit – finding the right dosage of shilajit

One of the best ways to start with shilajit is consuming the size of a grain of rice, which is approximately 100 mg, one intake per day. After, you can increase the amount of shilajit gradually every day up to the size of large Pea, which is approximately 300 mg, until you start getting your desired health benefits.

Today, there are different forms of shilajit available in the market, such as liquid and shilajit, solid shilajit, powder shilajit. We are going to explain in detail how to eat proper intake of each form of shilajit.

Liquid shilajit: Liquid shilajit is one of the most popular forms in the market that people like to use for maximum health benefits. To avoid the misuse of liquid shilajit, you must know how to properly use the liquid form of shilajit.

The recommended daily intake of liquid shilajit 100to 150 mg each day, but should not exceed 600 mg per day.

You can mix the liquid shilajit with any drink you like; some recommend taking with goats’ milk for maximum health benefits. There are so many dietary recipes for eating liquid shilajit, most of them work great; all you need to know the right amount of daily dosage.

If you are on a diet and have a concern about weight loss, then it is better to mix the liquid shilajit in the green tea and can drink anytime.

Solid shilajit

it is the most usable form of shilajit, which is quite different from the liquid one. You can eat orally without any drink very easily; the amount of solid shilajit must be 100 to 150 mg per serving and should not exceed more than 300 mg.

Solid shilajit is very hard at a low temperature, but if you keep it in your palm and rub it, it becomes sticky due to the warmth of your hands and then cut it with a clean scissor.

If you are still confused about the size you should eat, you just remember that the size of a grain of the rice or 1/3 of the Pea is equal to 150 mg. So take 150 mg serving of solid should I cheat and put in your mouth and simply swallow it when it melted. Or you can also take with any drink or can dissolve in water and milk, allow some time to dissolve in the liquid, and then drink it.

Powder shilajit

is known as Altay shilajit as well, widely available in the market. You can eat up to 100-250mg serving, should not exceed 600 mg.

Although you can get very easily in the market, this form of shilajit is extracted from the lower altitude, but it might be less potent than solid shilajit.

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