How to use shilajit

how to use shilajit

Shilajit is pale brown to blackish exudation, packed with 85 minerals, nutrients, and bioactive compounds. Due to so much popularity and high-demand led to very poor manufacturing practices, almost 99% of vendors are selling fake shilajit or didn’t purify well and contain harmful substances.

They may add extra chemicals to make it look genuine, which can lead to severe damages to your health. Because Shilajit is very rare in nature, extracting for high altitude mountains is very hard, so companies either dilute it into a mixture of other chemicals or turn it into the powder and then introduce additives of fulvic acid.

Before using shilajit, first, make sure it is genuine and pure; if you any doubt about the quality and origin, best not to use it all.

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If you got pure and top-grade shilajit from us in a beautiful packing, now you may curious how to use it, when and how often?

Finding your shilajit dosage

The best way to find the right dosage of shilajit; start by consuming the size of a grain of rice (~100 mg) one intake per day. Then increase the amount gradually each day up to the size of a large pea (~300 mg) till you satisfied with your desired benefits. Don’t concern with taking the portions the same each time you intake. But try to use the same shape of rice or pea each time to ensure that you’re consistently taking the right shilajit dose.

Many other factors affect the dosage of shilajit such as;

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • body size
  • metabolism
  • general health
  • food and lifestyle
  • benefits sought

At the start, you may experience some clumsy changing in your body like digestive discomfort, sleeping difficulty, but these are temporary and will fine within a few more days, and then you can increase the amount of dose.

But if you experience any symptoms that are not good at all, better to consult with your GP.

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Liquid Shilajit

To avoid the misuse of liquid shilajit, it is very important that you must know to use liquid shilajit properly.

The daily recommended dosage of liquid shilajit is 100 to 150 mg and shouldn’t exceed 600mg per day.

For the right amount of dosage of the liquid shilajit, ensure you use the stainless spoon that comes in the package to measure the recommended single-serving amount.

Dip up to one-third of the spoon into liquid shilajit or half of the inch for measuring the right amount shilajit.

The remaining quantity lift on the spoon is the average single dose that an adult must intake. You can also utilize a butter knife as well or any other spoon.

You must mix it with water or any other liquid for better absorption; it works best and dissolves very easily in both hot or cold drinks but never boil the shilajit.

Some people prefer to take liquid shilajit with the goat’s milk. It good whatever you like you can take the shilajit with it. You might hear lots of dietary or cultural recipes of taking shilajit; all works fine. For better results and digestion, you can mix it with any drink.

Let’s say you prefer green tea, then go for it, mix the liquid shilajit in green tea and drink.

how to use gold grade shilajit

Things to remember;

  • use a tip of a butter knife or a spoon and take up to 100mg
  • it would help if you mixed liquid shilajit with any drink you prefer for the best absorption
  • you can take it anytime, in the morning or during a day once or twice a day

Solid Shilajit

The solid shilajit is a bit different from the liquid shilajit; it can take orally very easily without any problem. An average daily dose should be 100-150 mg and shouldn’t exceed 300mg per serving.

The solid shilajit is hard at low temperatures, but it becomes sticky once it warm, so it is better to keep it warm and always use clean scissors to cut a small amount of sticky shilajit.

The size of a grain of the rice or one-third size of a pea is almost equal to 150 mg. Take a single 150 mg serving of shilajit, put in your mount, and swallow when it melted. You can during water or any beverage right after consuming it. You can also dissolve it in water, milk and can drink as a liquid shilajit. If you put the single serving in the drink, then wait for some time to completely dissolve in the drink.

Things to remember;

  • warm the solid shilajit, cut small portion size of 150 mg with clean scissors
  • you can take the 1/3 size of a green pea under your tongue and can sallow
  • You can choose any time in the day, in the morning or during the day once or twice daily apart from food.

Powder Shilajit

Powder Shilajit is a potent extract made from genuine shilajit. You can take a 100 mg single serving and don’t exceed 250 mg per day.

Powder Shilajit is also known as Altay shilajit, which is widely available in the market. Altay shilajit usually extracted from a lower altitude, where anyone may easily collect shilajit.

Today most of the shilajit produces from the Altay, a single-serving is up to 150-250 mg and shouldn’t exceed 600 mg a day.

Things to remember;

  • you can use powder shilajit both mixed and straightway
  • can take any time during the day

Possible uses of Shilajit

There are plenty of potential application of shilajit which are;

1. Straight

The most effective and common way of taking shilajit is straightway. You can consume any time during a day to get an instant boost of energy level, enhance better mood and attention.

2. Mixed

A huge number of people prefer to take shilajit with any other drink, after all, what could be more amazing than starting a day with a cup of coffee/tea enriched with the pleasure of potent shilajit?

You can also take it with your smoothie for better taste, or any drink you prefer, in liquid, all the minerals and nutrients of shilajit would be absorbed better.

3. Tonic and creams

Shilajit packed with rich protein and minerals that helps in stimulating the immune system, many skin expert and beauticians consider shilajit as one of the best beauty supplement.

There are so many recipes that use for skin nourishment and vitality. Take a liquid shilajit or mix one portion of solid shilajit with two portions of distilled water to convert in the liquid. Then mix two parts of this liquid with three parts of your cream. It is highly recommended that use an organic cream because shilajit works best with other natural ingredients. For example, a ginger and turmeric-infused cream will stimulate your skin cells and will bring back to life.

Camu cream and green coffee with pure shilajit could stimulate your skin. You can make your own cream; for a better result, always use fresh skin cream each time.

4. Pet

Shilajit packed with so many potential substances that can play an essential role in a healthy life. Also, it offers lots of benefits to your pets too, the same way it does to you.

You might notice pets sometimes eat dirt or litter; it is because their body in need to get Fulvic Acid and minerals.

For this, you can use 1mg of shilajit per lbs body weight, add to your pet meal or water and let them eat or drink 2-3 times a week.

When should you take shilajit?

You can take shilajit in the morning or anytime during a day; however, most people experienced lots of positive changes in their body when they are taking shilajit at night before going to sleep.

You shouldn’t increase more than 300mg and take 1 to 2 times a day, 4 to 6 times per week.

The best duration is 1 to 2 months. If you want to take shilajit the whole year, then limit your daily dosage quantity along with days per week.

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How to take shilajit, Ayurveda methods?

In Ayurveda medicine, it is recommended that you must take shilajit with one of the other organic ingredients that will increase the adaptogen effects on your body. You can choose with a combination of;

  • hot milk
  • raw honey
  • ghee
  • sesame oil

You can also have a choice of herbal tea, coconut oil, or spring water. You can also dissolve in any warm liquid and drink.