How to identify original shilajit – Don’t use shilajit until it passes these tests

how to identify original shilajit

Shilajit is a natural substance that can be found at high altitude mountains. It contains fulvic acids, humic, carbon-60, amino acids, plant-based antioxidants, more than 85 minerals, and many more beneficial organic acids that offer enormous health benefits.

It is a sporadic and precious potent substance that is very hard to extract from the high-altitude Mountains. Today in the market, 99% of vendors either sell fake shilajit or mix some chemicals to make it look like shilajit.

That’s why you must make sure to buy a genuine shilajit, and you should know how to identify original shilajit?

Well, there is some testing method that can be used to check the authenticity of shilajit.

With the help of these tests, you can identify the purity of shilajit yourself. These tests will determine if the resin is 100% genuine shilajit or not.


It is the most common test used to identify purity, and it lets you know whether the shilajit is original. In this test, the resin of shilajit melts in your hands due to warmness and becomes sticky and gooey.

In the low temperature, the resin becomes solid and shatters like glasses if you stick with the hammer.

If you choose a hammer option, make sure you place the shilajit in a plastic bag to keep it safe. This is for not to lose a bit of this precious herb. So, the pure and genuine shilajit always holds its form and doesn’t separate in clumps.


Pure and genuine shilajit is highly soluble as it dissolves completely in the warm water or warm milk. Whether you are mixing in the warm water or milk, you will observe the black-golden or black-reddish liquid, which is considered a purity sign of shilajit. This is the most natural and easiest way to identify the genuineness and purity of shilajit.


It is always best to only use liquid, resin form of shilajit, try to avoid taking powder shilajit. Most often, vendors mix other chemicals in the powder form, and it is hard to find whether it’s shilajit powder. Powder shilajit contains only 2-30% of shilajit, and rest has fillers and additives. So it is best to avoid the powder shilajit.


The flame method is also used to identify whether the shilajit is pure or not. You must remember that pure shilajit never burns or lights on fire, such as a candle. If you heat the genuine shilajit using a small flame of fire, you will see it start bubbling and becoming ash, which emanates externally. But genuine shilajit never burns in any case.


Ozokerite has a much similar look like shilajit, but it has no health benefits at all. Today, in the market, most sellers sell Ozokerite to make people fool. It is very cheap, and most vendors sell this as shilajit, but it is not pure shilajit.

That’s why you must identify whether the shilajit you are taking is genuine or not by one of the above methods before using it.

Only use shilajit after passing the above criteria, if not try to avoid taking it.


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