How to take shilajit with milk – What is the best way to use shilajit for maximum health benefits

How to take shilajit with milk

If you are also thinking, how to take shilajit with milk, then read this article, we will educate you on how to take the shilajit dosage for maximum health benefits.

Shilajit is packed with lots of minerals, the nutrients, and other bioactive compounds, that’s the reason it is one of the most potent natural substances in Ayurvedic medicine.

Before taking shilajit, you need to make sure the shilajit you are using is pure and genuine. This Is due to enormous demand and popularity; so many poor manufacturing practices have been found. So, if you don’t know about the origins of shilajit, then avoid using such shilajit.

Today, lots of unscrupulous manufacturers try to mix chemicals for maximum profits or using other alternatives. You must know that these additives may cause severe damage to health.

As it is very rare in nature, so they either dilute into the mixture or turn their shilajit into powder and then add extra additives such as fulvic acid to make it look like shilajit.

Although they claim it as authentic but the fact is, they are misleading people. We are the only ones who have local villagers in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan; they climb up to 16000ft to 18000ft to extract genuine shilajit.

Shilajit dosage

You can use shilajit dosage anytime during the day, but most people would like to take in the morning. Regarding the amount of dosage, it depends on your BMI, lifestyle, and activity. Still, it is better to start taking shilajit up to a grain of rice and gradually increase the amount.

You can also consult with your GP before taking shilajit if you are on medication; you can take 250mg to 500mg dosage once a day.

You can gradually increase the amount and can take up to 2 grams per day or more; there is no such harm, also doesn’t have any proof of damaging liver and kidneys.

How to take shilajit with milk

There are so many ways you can take shilajit, but some methods are great when it comes to maximum health benefits such as taking shilajit resin with milk. Yes, taking shilajit with milk has surprisingly positive effects on the body.

Milk is also best to help to remove the pungent smell of shilajit and offers extra health benefits. So, if you are very sensitive of strong tastes, you must mix the shilajit resin in hot milk, wait a bit to dissolve completely, and then drink.

You can also use shilajit with tea, juice, coffee, honey, or any drink you prefer.

But we recommend taking a small resin of shilajit and dissolving in a glass of milk, preferably warm, not boiled or overly hot. Our shilajit resin has been extracted from the highest altitude mountain and purified in a natural way that keeps shilajit closest to its natural state.

Avoid boiling water or milk; it may destroy the heat-sensitive components in the shilajit.

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