What is gold shilajit? why it is important?

what is gold grade shilajit

You might also be curious about what gold shilajit is? It is very potent and a rare form of shilajit Which has enormous health benefits and is mostly used for sexual problems such as male Dysfunction treatment and other illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, weakness, and kidney disorders.

Pure and genuine shilajit always has incredible healing powers; it is a natural substance that has Risen from the complex craftsmanship of nature.

Gold shilajit has so many organic trace minerals, humic, fulvic acid, amino acids, and other beneficial organic acids that help you to increase your overall health.

This goal shilajit exudes from the slow decompositions of plants on high altitude mountains. It is then oozed from the rocks of these high altitude mountains. The gold shilajit is also known as the Dabur. In Ayurvedic gold, shilajit is considered one of the most major natural substances due to its incredible healing power.

Uses and benefits of Gold shilajit

Gold shilajit is the viscous natural substance found at the highest altitude of the Himalayan Mountains.

Here is a list of some common disorders that gold Shilajit helps to treat:

Help to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility

Gold shilajit is a rich source of Magnesium, Zinc, and vitamin BS that helps to stimulate sex hormones in both men and women. It is not only a myth; there is so much scientific evidence to prove that Shilajit surprisingly improves fertility and sperm count in men and ovulation in women. It also stimulates and increases sperm count and treats infertility and Erectile Dysfunction.

 Fatigue: Shilajit is best when it comes to identifying free radicals, stimulates energy of the cells, and relieves the symptoms which are connected to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Alzheimer’s disease: Gold shilajit is very rich in Fulvic acid, as a natural potent antioxidant, it helps to improve the overall mental health and enhance memory, testosterone levels, and cognitive level of the person who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disorder.

Anemia: Gold shilajit works amazingly to improve the body’s ability to utilize iron, which helps to terminate the causes of anemic tendencies. With other natural products such as silver, gold, clove, camphor, cinnamon, saffron, etc., the gold shilajit will empower your body well enough to reduce Anemia.

It also helps the body cell getting old; gold shilajit keeps cells nourished at the core, which makes us feel more awake. As a result, our body recovers faster, and we feel more energy to enjoy our life with happiness.

 How to eat Gold shilajit

The gold shilajit dosage is different for every person. So many people get confused when it comes to taking the right portion of the dosage.

Well, at the start, it’s always recommended to take up to a grain of rice, or 1/3 of a pea, and when feeling comfortable, then starts increasing gradually.

You can read our complete post about how to use shilajit or how to eat shilajit for further information.

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