What is Shilajit & Why it is Important For Health

Shilajit is a sticky pale-brown to blackish-brown substance, exuding from the layers of rocks in the Himalayas mountain range.

Shilajit is used in Ayurveda medicine. It is a very effective supplement that has enormously positive effects on overall health and well-being.

Shilajit usually flows in the summer when the mountain gets warm. Shilajit consists of the complex mixture of the organic humic substances, plants, and the microbial metabolites that are occurring in the rock rhizospheres of their natural habitat.

It has been using as an adaptogen and rejuvenator for thousands of years, as part of traditional medicine in different countries.

Shilajit has so many therapeutic properties which are also verified by scientific evaluation. It attributes with lots of miraculous health properties.

It is also believed that Shilajit may have the priceless “Soma” of the Eastern alchemists. The Soma was known as an elixir of immortality in the past and used as a secret substance by alchemists for the perfect body and mind. Many doctors compare Shilajit with ginseng of Chinese medicine.

Shilajit has many names; the botanical name is Asphaltum; in English, it is known as Black bitumen and mineral pitch and Hajar-ul-Musa in Arab.

How Shilajit produce?

Shilajit produces by runoff in the Himalayas Mountain that deposit organic substances into the cracks and holes of stones. The sticky substance comes then to the surface and flows.

It is a dark brown, almost black, bitter, and enhances the efficiency of the overall body. It is an exudate that squeezes out from the layers of rocks in the mountains. Technically Shilajit is composed of organic plant material and Humus that compressed by layers of mountain rock.

When soil’s microorganisms decompose plant material and animal into the elements, it produces the Humus.

Plants are the essential source of our food, and Humus is a vital source of plant food. Shilajit humus contains 60-80 percent organic mass.

Fulvic acid is an active principle of Shilajit; it is extremely rich in bioactive minerals. In ancient times, it used as a cure for all diseases. Ancient people believed that no diseases could cure unless Shilajit included in the medicine preparation. People are using it for more than 3000 years, as it is an essential component of medicine in the Ayurvedic system.

Where Shilajit can be found?

Shilajit can found in Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, India, Tibet, and some region of the Caucasus where people collects from the steep mountain rock that faces at attitudes of 1000 to 5000m.

The therapeutic effects of raw material are very by the region it collected from. Other substances contain fulvic acids and humic, but real Shilajit has an essential bioactive and therapeutic ingredient that is not present in other non-real Shilajit.

The therapeutic quality and authenticity of real shilajit can identify by the inclusion of the oxygenated di-benzo alpha pyrones.

As mentioned, there are many areas where people collect Shilajit, but the highest level of real therapeutic ingredients receive from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan at 10,000 to 12000 feet above the sea level.

These gigantic sacred mountains produce the real and best shilajit. The process of raw shilajit is essential as it consists of free radicals and fungal toxins. In the process, remove these polymeric quinone radicals, mycotoxins, toxins, and other useless and inactive ingredients.

Why Shilajit should be taken?

Clinical and scientific research already proved that shilajit has lots of positive effects on your body. It increases endurance, enhances memory and cognitive level, reduces respiratory problems, allergies, stress, and cure digestive problems. Shilajit works as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and terminates the free radicals.

Many pieces of research proved that it increases the immunity system, endurance, and works as a destroyer of weakness.

Shilajit extracting process

Shilajit collects in a crude form, rocky terrains from the Himalayan Mountain. Although it had enormous health benefits when it removed from the rocks, it is not pure because it mixed with other substances of the areas where from where it collected, and it might be toxic too. Unpurified shilajit contains fungal toxins and free radicals.

Up to 40% of crude material keeps remains after extraction. That’s why a proper removal is vital to ensure a consistently excellent quality of active ingredients, must separate all inactive material, mycotoxins, free radicals, and fungal toxin. After extraction, only good quality and real shilajit can obtain the best and active ingredients.

Shilajit then sold either with medical herb or alone or even with other vitamins depends on the purpose of use.

There is a different method to purify the shilajit, first crude shilajit purified and make it very rich in the fulvic acid.

The fulvic acid is the essential ingredient of shilajit; it acts as a carrier of the molecules and carries mineral across the cell and make it ready for the metabolic process.

Filtration Process of Shilajit

Filtration is a necessary process to get pure shilajit, carbon, and fresh sand filters used to purify shilajit. Today, in the market, mostly shilajit isn’t genuine and refined because of an unauthentic filtration process. If a shilajit isn’t filtered properly, you will feel grit when pressing it in teeth. However, the well-filtered Himalayan shilajit is very smooth, and it has a powerful smell and taste.

Why is Sun-drying essential to get pure shilajit?

The sun-drying process preserves all the mineral and micro-nutrients of shilajit.

After purification, shilajit then separates from spring water to get in solid and semi-liquid form.

The sun-drying process preserves all-important substances and minerals. Today almost all shilajit vendors choose the boiling process of filtration as it is an inexpensive and fast way to get resin of shilajit, but boiling compromises the natural quality and end up with inferior quality shilajit.

This process is unnatural, shilajit produces in cold mountain region, and with boiling, constant exposure of heat kills all its fundamental and natural minerals.

But we aren’t part of this game; we prefer to go with nature. After the filtration process, we dry the shilajit in the Sun for 3-4 weeks, below 40 degrees till it becomes the absolute and finest gold shilajit resin.

This process enables us to preserve it’s all mineral and micro-nutrients and retain its real essence and soul.

Only Sun-dry filtrate shilajit has high potency.

Other steps of purification are;

The extract shilajit first become powder, and then it dissolves in the water. After this dissolved shilajit goes from filtration, which removes all insoluble substances. After filter and evaporating the water, it becomes a thick brown residue.

This residue then removed with the help of hot organic solvent to get a soluble portion and insoluble portion, which contains humus.

Then dilute NaOH adds to the insoluble shilajit-humic portion to precipitate the polymeric quinones.

Then alkaline filtrate is acidify to pH; this also precipitates the humic acid and leaves the brown acidic liquid of fulvic acid.

Then this acidic liquid fractionated by crossing over carbon.

The fulvic acid then passes through H+ ion-exchange to collect the fulvic acid in solution.

There is also a simple method of purification, as well. The crude shilajit first removed with water, and its result in as iron shilajit.

Then it used with a mixture of bahera, trifla, and haritaki to remove any possible contamination.

Then the purify shilajit then dehydrated to remove its moisture.

Shilajit can take either alone or with other medications. Research tells that when a portion of shilajit adds to the vitamin or even to mineral preparation, then it enhances the energetic properties of mineral and vitamin.

Shilajit can take as tablets, capsules, elixirs, syrup, purified extract, or like minerals and vitamins.

Shilajit and our health

So many clinical researches on shilajit proved remarkable positive effects on the overall human body. It improves cognitive ability, memory and increases longevity, reduces respiratory, stress, allergy problems, and relieves digestive problems.

Shilajit is a brownish-black to a dark greasy, semi-hard substance which has a distinctive taste and smell.

Shilajit considers a cure and healthy kidney tonic, which also increases the energy which is responsible for our sexual desire, the same force that faded by anxiety and stress.

Some of the positive effects on our health are;

  • Shilajit accelerates the processes of nucleic acid, protein metabolism, and stimulates the energy that provides reactions.
  • It counteracts diabetes and blood sugar level.
  • Shilajit purifies blood cells, improves the functioning of the pancreas, and strengthens digestion.
  • Helps to reduce your body fats, counteracts thirst, and dissolves tumors.
  • It promotes the flow of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium phosphorous, in the muscle’s tissue and bone.
  • Shilajit improves the immune system.
  • Shilajit enhances energy recovery after exercise, increases the growth level of hormone in diabetic patients.
  • It is a strong anti-ulcer agent and helps to prevent you from the ulcer.

What medical say about Shilajit?

Shilajit works as a laxative, disinfectant, and expectorant, respiratory medicine, and it is a diuretic substance that removes the excess of fluid from the body. In ancient, people used shilajit to cure almost every disease; most often, fatigue and general weakness can heal with the help of Shilajit. There is also a sign of using shilajit as the most potent aphrodisiac and helps to restore sexual desires. It considers one of the most popular read treatises on sex.

Medical researches prove that shilajit has so many healing properties. There are some fundamental positive changes that shilajit stimulate;

  • It helps to restore the electric potency of the cell
  • Balance the energy metabolism
  • It reduces stress and pressure on the abdominal organs.

Many medical corporations have started to different patent kind of preparation of shilajit due to its enormous health benefits.

There is also proof that it helps to treat diabetes Mellitus, keep you younger and healthy, and many more. These are not just claims, it verified, approved, and these patents already issued by the US Patent and Trademark office.

Type of shilajit

Shilajit has been using in Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries, but scientists start taking interest to categorize the shilajit in the 18th century. Through lots of researches and studies, they found the pharmacological properties, ingredients, and the benefits of shilajit.

The properties and quality of shilajit depend on several factors. In ancient books, they mentioned four types of shilajit;

  • Gold (red) shilajit
  • silver (white) shilajit
  • copper (blue) shilajit
  • iron(blackish brown)

It is tough to find the blue and red shilajit now, the most common variety available in the iron (blackish brown) shilajit, and it is the most active form of shilajit available in our era.

However, there is another type of shilajit also available, which is known as the moomiyo or Rassian shilajit.

How to use shilajit?

Most often people prefer to take shilajit in two ways;

as a liquid or as a sold shilajit;

  • Liquid shilajit

When you are taking the liquid shilajit, you must not exceed more than 600 mg/day.  You can mix liquid shilajit with any drink but avoid tap water for proper absorption.

  • Solid Shilajit

The solid form of shilajit can be taken directly in the mouth and swallow when shilajit stars to melt. Shilajit has a bitter taste, and if you don’t like the taste, you can drink milk or any drink with it.

  • Powder shilajit

Powder shilajit can dissolve with milk or water and can drink three times a day.

Quality of Shilajit

The superiority and quality of shilajit differ based on mineral count and micro-nutrients. Three factors bring out the shilajit quality;

origin, height, and purification techniques.

Almost 99% of shilajit vendors compromise the quality by using modern methods to produce more shilajit effortlessly.

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